The Start of it all

Weight. A pretty rough subject for almost anyone these days. We avoid scales, look away at doctor’s office, and ignore our distressed jeans trying to accommodate the weight we’ve put on.

Six months ago, at the start of a new job and during my health care enrollment, I saw my insurance would cover bariatric surgery. At that moment, I think my heart started beating faster than if I were running from a bear. Being so anxious, I started to process right then and there. Found out requirements for surgery. Found costs for all things surgery related. Found doctors covered under my insurance. Rambled aimlessly to anyone who would listen. I was consumed in the idea of changing my life, and not a day has passed that I haven’t thought about it.

Most insurances have a long list of requirements and steps before surgery can happen. Six months of meeting with the surgery staff, meeting a dietitian, have a psych evaluation, lots of blood work and other labs are the start. Having a large list of things to do for your doctor and insurance isn’t the least of worries. Trying to find the time to make all the doctor appointments, telling your friends and family about your decision (all the negative reactions were enough to make me hide from people for a few days) figure out the actual game plan of whats going to happen to you and your body, and psyching yourself up are the most detrimental things. It’s enough to send anyone over the edge of anxiety.

And here we are today. Three months down, three more to go. Psych evaluation was completed today. 340 questions guys! That’s lots of questions.



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